AIS 42″ H Divi 5×5


This Smart, Panel System was made for the realities of modern work, where people need a healthy balance of privacy and connection.  Provide a primary workspace improving thoughtful and focused work while encouraging teamwork and collaboration with Divi 5×5 cubicle by AIS.



3-Pods of 4, 2-Runs of 5, 1-Run of 6, 4-Pods of 6, 1-Pod of 8, 2-Pods of 9, 3-Pods of 10, 4-Pods of 12

5’X 5′ X 42″H Station; 60″x 24″ work surface, 36″x 24″ extended surface; Box,Box,File Pedestal

Total Available: 116

Warehouse Stock: 114

Dallas Stock: 2

Addison Stock: 0

Austin Stock: 0

On Hold: 40

Warehouse Hold: 40

Dallas Hold: 0

Addison Hold: 0

Austin Hold: 0

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