Furniture Liquidation

Most businesses will, at one point or another, experience the stress related to excess furniture and equipment. What do you as a business owner or manager do with leftover pieces? And how do you prevent a lost of costs associated with the equipment you’ve purchased in the past?

At Furniture Solutions Now, we have designed our liquidation services to address those concerns, and much more. Often, liquidation involves or is characterized by the selling of inventory at significantly discounted prices to ensure a quick turnaround. However, our services are tailored to provide maximum profit for your business while helping to remove the burden and stress of equipment and furniture you no longer need.

As the largest boutique liquidator of office furniture in Texas, we recognize the importance of listening to our clients’ needs and tailoring each liquidation project to suit. We offer an array of versatile liquidation services which emphasize your returns on investment while assisting you in disposing of furniture and wares your business no longer has the use for.

Our services are also streamlined for maximum efficiency, which means you as a business owner never have to dwell on the process of liquidating your furnishings. We believe our liquidation services work efficiently because we take our clients’ needs into consideration and simplify the process of liquidation. Part of this process in ensuring our clients receive fair market value and professional service when choosing to work with Furniture Solutions Now and our liquidation services.